Menzies has been providing cleaning and related services for more than 52 years. We are one of Australia’s largest privately owned providers of cleaning and facility services. So we are a national company with a local presence, through a network of state capital and regional offices, overseen from our head office in Malvern, Victoria. We directly employ 2,500+ staff nationally to provide our clients with:

  • cleaning (internal/external, window cleaning, carpet steam and dry cleaning, floor restoration, kitchen deep cleans, car park scrubbing, graffiti removal)
  • washroom services and essentials
  • waste management (including medical)
  • pest control
  • grounds maintenance

Menzies ensures that our clients receive best practice in the provision of services backed up with:

  • Integrated WHS, environmental and quality management – ISO accredit
  • Direct Labour Model
  • ESG – Environment, Social and Governance focus
  • Modern Slavery compliance
  • High technology focus (in-field and back office)
  • Strong financial viability
  • Full safety, statutory, industrial and legal compliance
  • Industry benchmarking to ensure optimum service and continuous improvement
  • full safety, statutory, industrial and legal compliance
  • industry benchmarking to ensure optimum service and continuous improvement.


  • National supplier and use of direct labour engagement
  • Dedicated Client Services (Help Desk) Manager
  • Leading Management System and Accreditations
  • Leading Technology & Quality Assurance
  • OHS and cost initiatives
  • Sustainable environmental management
  • Responsible Safety management
  • Dedicated account management and reporting
  • Business Intelligence Data Analytics


Education facilities are such a substantial part of Menzies’ business that we are widely considered an “education cleaning specialist” by the broader industry.

Menzies is an education cleaning specialist servicing nine universities and vocational education institutions nationally, along with hundreds of primary and secondary schools. Given Menzies’ current education client portfolio, and 20+ years’ experience in the ecucation sector, we believe we are the facilities management company who can help to keep any educational facility at the top of their ranks and to deliver services with above average quality scores.

Menzies education cleaning experience will be applied in addressing your needs. We understand the critical issues specific to cleaning education facilities, including term and non-term cleaning, holiday program scheduling, unique cleaning environments such as laboratories, gymnasiums, practical classrooms/workshops and canteens. This experience will be used to design and implement a tailored and efficient service for our clients in the education sector that delivers value for money and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We use our education experience to develop cleaning frequencies tailored to quality, safety and reputational requirements of Education Facilities. Frequencies can be scaled up or down at any time, depending on our client’s specific needs, ensuring a value for money, efficient and productive service arrangement. Cleaning verification is in place, whereby Menzies can provide evidence to its clients that all tasks have been completed, certain special work requirements met on the day and others.


Menzies can provide for complete landscape services, addressing all facets of grounds maintenance; we do understand the complexity of the requirements of our diverse client base and are working with the relevant stake holders towards a best outcome.

We are working around the needs of staff and the general public whilst looking for efficiencies and focusing on safety at all times.

Grounds maintenance may include but is not limited to:

  • Commercial landscaping
  • Park landscape maintenance
  • Open space grounds maintenance
  • Government buildings and council property grounds maintenance


Menzies provides hygiene services to some of the highest profile customers in Australia and has a range of washroom solutions and packages to suit your requirements. We realise the absolute importance of hygiene in the successful servicing client sites. Bathrooms are among the heaviest traffic environment, and therefore could quickly become highly unpleasant sites if the hygiene service, in conjunction with our own programmed cleaning scope, is not of the highest standard. Therefore, hygiene-related KPIs will be measured in a mutually agreed manner to ensure conformance throughout contracts.

  • Sanitary disposal units
  • Urinal and WC sanitisers
  • Urinal and WC deep clean
  • Air fresheners
  • Nappy disposal
  • Sharps disposal
  • Hygiene treatment programs
  • Antibacterial toilet seat wipes


  • Hand towel – rolls and folded
  • Dispensers – soaps, towels, tissues
  • Toilet paper – tissues and rolls
  • Facial tissues
  • Soap – liquid, foam, antibacterial
  • Sanitary stations

Bathroom accessories – Urinal Wave etc.



Menzies are aware of the importance of our cleaner’s work in line with your sustainability initiatives which includes the threat of negative social media whereby cleaning must uphold your practices and commitments.

We established processes that need to be adhered to, to ensure positive outcomes for all stakeholders. This has relied on working collaboratively with waste management subcontractors handling waste management multiple sites.

Central to maintaining our client’s sustainability commitments is the reduction of the amount of rubbish going into landfill. Menzies promotes signage around the rubbish bins that clearly and simply explaine how to separate and discard rubbish into the correct recycling stream and avoid cross-contamination. The signage can encompass visual aids, for the benefit of international staff and visitors who might not be familiar with the recycling strategies used in Australia.

Where possible, Menzies cleaners are instructed to remove contaminating rubbish from a bin, e.g. a coffee cup lid in a recycling bin, so that the rest of the contents might be saved from going into landfill. This approach creates improvement in regard to the amount of contaminating rubbish going into recycling and vice versa.

Menzies will work with you to review the implementation of dedicated bins to collect high-volume rubbish, such as disposable coffee cups and lids and food containers to help centralise these waste streams and keep them from contaminating others, this is only of many other examples where Menzies takes the proactive approach to help support its client’s commitments to sustainability and to better manage waste on sites.