Data safety and privacy at Menzies

Menzies has experienced a recent notifiable data breach which can be viewed here. If you think you might have been impacted or have received a suspicious email from a Menzies employee, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Menzies has strict IT systems, data and privacy policies in place. The company would never send any emails or letters asking for private account details such as usernames and passwords. Neither would Menzies send communication which include third party links to its clients or any other stakeholders (internal or external) without contacting you first to seek authorisation. If you have doubts of received communication from Menzies, please contact our Business Manager, Verena Tack by calling: 03 8374 8162.

For further information regarding notifiable data breaches, please also refer to the Office of Australian Information Commissioner or contact your IT department.